Cancer Researcher / Science Communicator / Software Developer

Wes is a Canadian Cancer researcher currently working on developing new treatments for mesothelioma in Australia. He is an award winning health technology developer and co-founder of medical tech startups YukonBaby & Stello. His unique approach to science communication has made him a voice on the web for STEM literacy & outreach.

groups i work with
Hacking Health
Canadian Cancer Society
Harry Perkins Institue for Medical Research
IBM Case Study

Last year IBM did a case study on my mobile app, YukonBaby. A mobile app for expecting mothers utilizing IBM's Cloudant

TEDx Talk

In 2017 I had the fantastic opportunity to share my cancer research on immunotherapy with the public and the TED community.

Relay for Life Science Outreach

A post I wrote about combining my work with Vancouver's Science World & my time working with the Canadian Cancer Society